Master Classes

Master Classes
Session I

(July 2 - July 14, 2019)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Sergey Khachatryan violin
    Sergey Khachatryan, violin
  • Christian Vasquez, conductor
    Christian Vasquez, conductor

Master Classes
Session II

(July 16 - 28, 2019)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Gerard Korsten conductor
    Gerard Korsten, conductor
  • Alfred Brendel, piano
    Alfred Brendel, piano
    Lecture: Schubert's Last Sonatas
  • Boris Kuschnir violin
    Boris Kuschnir, violin

Master Classes Session III

(July 30 - August 11, 2019)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Nikolaj Znaider violin
    Nikolaj Znaider, violin
  • Christa Mayer, mezzo-soprano
    Christa Mayer, voice
  • Nicoletta Conti conductor
    Nicoletta Conti, conductor
Artist Faculty
(Session I)
  • Javier Arias, cello
  • William Barbini, violin
  • Geoffrey Burleson, piano
  • Mellasenah Edwards, violin
  • Deborah Harris, flute:
    A flute performance class where flute students can play a prepared piece for comments, in a traditional master class setting.
  • John Kaboff, cello:
    Lecture master class on scales, shifting, intonation and thumb position exercises for strings.
  • Catherine Kautsky, piano:
    A Celebration of the Debussy centennial through a look at Debussy’s Paris: Piano Portraits of the Belle Époque - the first half of this master class will focus on Debussy, while the second half will consist of a traditional master class.
  • Osman Kivrak, viola:
    Proper Use of the Vibrato in String Instruments - Topics I will cover will include types of vibrato, matching the speed with the character of the music, transferring the vibrato from one finger to another smoothly, vibrating chords, and more. I would welcome and encourage instrumentalists to play from all periods of music Baroque through Contemporary.
  • Katherine McLin, violin:
    Building Your Practice Tool Box Through Creative Scale Practicing - This class will explore dozens of approaches to practicing scales, from shifting and sound production to left hand dexterity, with the goal of providing violinists with tools that will aid repertoire preparation.
  • John Michel, cello
  • Kineko Okumura, violin
  • Carrie Rehkopf, violin
  • Diana Seitz, violin:
    Schradieck with a Seitz Twist - In this fun and practical masterclass for violinists and violists, Diana Seitz will share her favorite practice hacks. Come and learn how you can use harmonics and other techniques to hack you technical problems and dramatically increase the efficiency of your personal practice. Make sure to bring your instruments with you - this will be a very hands on session.
  • Martha Thomas, piano
  • Nathan Warner, trumpet:
    - From Heart to Horn: Allowing the inner voice to sing through the instrument
Artist Faculty
(Session II)
  • Shellie Beeman, voice:
    Traditional Voice Master Class - A voice master class focusing on standard vocal techniques in addition to diction, musicality, and communication.
  • Ruth Boden, cello:
    From Bach to Rock; Improvisation 101 - For all instruments - Participants will learn basic approaches to improvisation, ornamentation, and cadenza composition.
  • Ilze Brink-Button, French horn:
    French horn Master Class and French horn Ensemble
  • Ray-Chou Chang, violin
  • Ivana Cojbasic, piano:
    Creative Study of Sound, Rhythm, Movement and Phrasing - Open to all levels of piano students, from elementary to advanced - Students are encouraged to bring sections of the repertoire pieces they would like to focus on in this master class.
  • Nora Lee Garcia, flute:
    Woodwinds: Body Awareness Master Class and Alexander Technique. Open to all Woodwinds, check any tension and how to prevent injuries.
  • Hein Jung, voice:
    College (from entering college) and Grad school level - Artistic Craft based on Bel Canto Vocal Technique
  • Chungsun Kim, cello:
    Master class on cello solo or chamber music - Chamber groups can be any of the following: piano trio, piano quartet, piano quintet, or string quartet.
  • Gert Kumi, violin:
    - Connection between Intonation and Tone and how to be expressive in our playing
  • Kevin LeFohn, violin
  • Sohyoung Park, piano
    Technical Principles to Play Chopin’s Op.10 Etudes According to Chopin - In addition to work with individual pianists on their repertoire, a discussion session will be followed on the technical principles to play Chopin’s Op.10 according to the insights from Chopin’s “Sketch for a Method.”
  • May Phang, piano:
    Piano Masterclass - What's next?
  • Teresa de Jong Pombo, piano
  • Krysia Tripp, flute
    Masterclass for Woodwind Players - Description if any: Students can perform literature of their choice in a Masterclass setting
Artist Faculty
(Session III)
  • Nataly Gingis, piano
  • Hsing-Chwen Hsin, piano
  • Danwen Jiang, violin:
    Open violin masterclass with professor Danwen Jiang from Arizona State University - Students may sign up to perform in the masterclass, or participate in an open discussion on various performance related techniques through the masterclass.
  • Beatrice Long, piano
  • Christina Long, piano:
    Connecting Music Theory to Musicality - By exploring clues in the music given by the composers, we will be able to establish a solid foundation for more imaginative musical interpretation.
  • Anca Nicolau, violin:
    Baroque Style - as exemplified by the works of Bach, Handel, Telemann, etc. on the one hand, and those of Vivaldi, Corelli, Geminiani, etc. on the other, specifically on how to best understand the Baroque style, and the musical works of that era, and therefore on how to best be able to represent such understanding through our performances, giving as reason the fact that such stylistic understanding is the key to our full enjoyment, both as performer and audience, of these musical masterpieces of the Baroque era.
  • Richard Novak, voice
  • Richard Piersall, voice
  • Gerardo Teissonniere, piano
    The Legacy of Cortot and Schnabel - Music of Chopin and The First Viennese School. A pupil of two disciples of Artur Schnabel and Alfred Cortot, Gerardo Teissonnière brings a unique perspective to two of the most important traditions in the history of piano performance.
  • Shi-Hwa Wang, violin
  • Yu-Jane Yang, piano

Outstanding Guest Artists