Master Classes

Master Classes
Session I

(July 5 - July 17, 2017)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Shlomo Mintz, violin
    Shlomo Mintz, violin
  • Bruno Canino, piano
    Bruno Canino, piano

Master Classes
Session II

(July 18 - 30, 2017)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Vadim Repin, violin
    Vadim Repin, violin
  • Alfred Brendel, piano
    Alfred Brendel, piano
    Lecture: Beethoven's Last Sonatas
  • Antonio Di Cristofano piano
    Antonio Di Cristofano, piano

Master Classes Session III

(August 1 - 13, 2017)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Nikolaj Znaider violin
    Nikolaj Znaider, violin
  • Christa Mayer, mezzo-soprano
    Christa Mayer, mezzo-soprano
  • Boris Kuschnir, violin Master Class
    Boris Kuschnir
    Violin Master Class
Artist Faculty
Look for our 2017 Master Classes soon!
  • Eva Amsler, flute/woodwinds:
    Dynamic Integration, developed from 2 students of Feldenkrais
  • Theresa Bogard, piano:
    Applying historical performance practice to modern piano performances of Classical Period repertoire.
  • Geoffrey Burleson, piano
  • Chih-Long Hu, piano
  • Danwen Jiang, violin
  • Catherine Kautsky, piano
  • Irina Nuzova, piano
  • Vedrana Subotic, piano:
    The Art of Rubato - Rubato (stolen time) is used in all music, regardless of time period and style. Pianist Vedrana Subotic will teach students how to integrate different types of rubato into their interpretation, to achieve a more musical and engaging performance.
  • Chiao-Ling Sun, violin
  • Martha Thomas, piano
  • Delana Thomsen, piano:
    With the Taubman influence - playing with comfort and ease. - Students are asked to bring in portions of their repertoire that are causing physical discomfort to analyze motion and movement to create tension-less and physically free playing.
  • William Westney, piano:
    In addition to working with individual students in the class, Westney will give a brief presentation on "The Perfect Wrong Note." His award-winning book with this title has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide and has been acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Themes: When is perfectionism healthy, and when is it inappropriate? How do we preserve joy and physical freedom in our playing while at the same time achieving technical control and subtlety?
  • Brenda Witmer, voice:
    A master class focusing on vocal technique, diction, character interpretation.
Artist Faculty
  • Eileen Buck, piano:
    Advanced Chamber Music Master Class
  • Grace Gori, voice:
    - Musical Theater for Classical Singers: beyond Rodgers and Hammerstein
  • Aleksandr Haskin, flute
  • Sang-Jin Kim, viola:
    Independant Fingers (left hand technique) - How to develop left hand technique.
  • Ludmila Lazar:
    Images, Gestures, Dance, and Magic in Music
  • Andrew Parr, piano
  • May Phang, piano
  • Teresa de Jong Pombo
  • Sohyoung Park, piano
  • Nicole Rabata, flute:
    Flute Master Class with Nicole Rabata - Prepare one movement or short work of 10 minutes or less.
  • Shannon Thompson, clarinet:
    Adventures in Jazz and Other Nonclassical Styles - Interactive workshop for classical wind and string players. We’ll take a break from Mozart and Bartok, and explore different popular styles of music together.
  • Yin Zheng, piano
Artist Faculty
  • Sophia Gilmson, piano:
    Imagination and Palette - Painters know precisely what the colors are. And so do gardeners. But what do colors mean to us pianists? How do we cultivate pianistic colors? How do we develop our imagination? How do we create a uniquely colorful performances? At the master class, we will experiment together with the sound, touch, phrasing, agogic, pedaling, and more. We will make piano bloom! Any repertoire is welcome.
  • Luis Sanchez, piano
  • Leonid Yanovskiy, violin:
    Violinists' search for individual voice and advanced concepts of posture - At the master class, we will explore intricate connections between the basic and advanced issues of posture, physical tension and the vocal nature of the violin sound. Open to violin players of all levels. All instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to participate in a discussion and share their experiences.

Outstanding Guest Artists