Master Classes

Master Classes
Session I

(July 2 - July 14, 2019)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Dmitry Sitkovetsky violin
    Dmitry Sitkovetsky, conductor
  • Dmitry Sitkovetsky violin
    Dmitry Sitkovetsky, violin - Violin Master Class
  • Saleem Ashkar piano
    Saleem Ashkar, piano

Master Classes
Session II

(July 16 - 28, 2019)

Outstanding Master Class Series:
  • Christian Vasquez conductor
    Christian Vasquez, conductor
  • Alexei-Volodin-piano
    Alexei Volodin, piano
  • Guy-Braunstein-violin
    Guy Braunstein, violin
  • Alfred Brendel, piano
    Alfred Brendel, piano
    Lecture: My Musical Life
  • Boris Kuschnir violin
    Boris Kuschnir, violin
  • Lubov Stuchevskaya voice
    Lubov Stuchevskaya, soprano
  • Master Classes Session III

    (July 30 - August 11, 2019)

    Outstanding Master Class Series:
    • Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider-violin
      Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, violin
    • Mikhail Mordvinov, piano
      Mikhail Mordvinov, piano
    • Christian Vasquez, conductor
      Christian Vasquez, conductor
    • Christa Mayer, mezzo-soprano
      Christa Mayer, voice
    Artist Faculty
    (Session I)
    • Geoffrey Burleson, piano
    • Nina Flyer, cello:
      Cello and Chamber Music Master Class.
    • Say-Ming Foo, violin:
      Violin and Chamber Music Master Class.
    • Danwen Jiang, violin
    • Catherine Kautsky, piano
    • Stacey McColley, clarinet
    • Tali Morgulis, piano:
      20th and 21st Century Repertoire, Solo pianists and chamber groups welcome.
    • Marianna Prjevalskaya, piano
    • Roderigo Robles de Medina, piano
    • Christopher Taylor, piano
    • Nathan Warner, trumpet:
      A Vocal Approach to Instrumental Playing
    Artist Faculty
    (Session II)
    • Shellie Beeman, voice:
      Traditional Voice Master Class - A voice master class focusing on standard vocal techniques in addition to diction, musicality, and communication utilizing an eclectic, pedagogical approach.
    • Ruth Boden, cello:
      From Bach to Rock; Improvisation 101 - For all instruments - Participants will learn basic approaches to improvisation, ornamentation, with a special focus on cadenza composition.
    • Shudong Braamse, voice:
      Voice Master Class - Singing Effortlessly with Passion and Confidence
    • Eileen Buck, piano
    • Ray-Chou Chang, violin
    • Alessandra Feris, piano:
      Chamber Music and Collaborative Piano
    • Allison Franzetti, piano:
      Latin-American Piano Music - Open to all levels. Both solo piano and chamber music.
    • Nora Lee Garcia, flute:
      Woodwinds: Body Awareness Master Class and Alexander Technique. Open to all Woodwinds, check any tension and how to prevent injuries.
    • Hein Jung Lee, voice:
      College (from entering college) and Grad school level - Artistic Craft based on Bel Canto Vocal Technique
    • Chungsun Kim, cello:
      Master class on cello solo or chamber music - Chamber groups can be any of the following: piano trio, piano quartet, piano quintet, or string quartet.
    • Gert Kumi, violin:
      - How to play from the heart
    • Kevin LeFohn, violin
    • Jan Loeffler, piano
    • Roderigo Robles de Medina, piano
    • Robert Palmer, piano
    • Sohyoung Park, piano
      Technical Principles to Play Chopin’s Op.10 Etudes According to Chopin - In addition to work with individual pianists on their repertoire, a discussion session will be followed on the technical principles to play Chopin’s Op.10 according to the insights from Chopin’s “Sketch for a Method.”
    • Diana Seitz, violin
    • Krysia Tripp, flute
      Karg Elert Etudes and Astor Piazzolla Tango Etudes - This is a one hour masterclass in which flute students perform an Etude of their choice, out of either the Karg Elert or Piazzolla Etude books. Students will be given detailed instruction on how to prepare and practice Etudes.
    Artist Faculty
    (Session III)
    • Ray-Chou Chang, violin
    • George Hogan, voice:
      Operatic Arias
    • Duane Hulbert, piano:
      Advanced Pedaling Techniques for Pianists
    • Lynn Ledbetter, violin:
      Collaborative Chamber Music - How to rehearse and prepare any size ensemble (with or without piano). Students are invited, but not required, to bring their assigned InterHarmony chamber music group to aid in the demonstration of various rehearsal strategies aimed at improving any collaborative chamber music experience. Also included will be basic concepts and exercises designed to help develop the general musical skills of chamber music players of any age and interest level.
    • Christina Long, piano:
      How to connect your playing with the audience
    • Rick Novak, voice:
      Exploring emotions in performance - A singing-acting session with all the singers. Group Work and individual performance.
    • Dmitri Novgorodsky, piano
    • May Phang, piano
      Piano masterclass (sans nom) - Playing and discussion open to all repertoire.
    • Teresa de Jong Pombo, piano
    • Paul Rutman, piano
    • Gerardo Teissonniere, piano
      The Beethoven Piano Sonatas - A student of two disciples of Artur Schnabel, Gerardo Teissonnière explores selections from Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas in master class.
    • William Westney, piano
    • Patrick Yim, violinViolin and Chamber Music

    Outstanding Guest Artists