The InterHarmony Team

About and contact for our multi-talented and creative team.

Caitlin McConnell
Caitlin McConnellAssistant to the Director

Caitlin McConnell is a cellist. NYC has been her home since 2011. In addition to performing, she is an avid reader, a computer geek, and enjoys running. Caitlin is involved in artistic administration, admissions, research, concert planning, website design, and marketing at IIMF.

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Abby Gaudette
Abby Gaudette Assistant to the Director/Graphic Designer
Chief Development Officer

Originally from Boston, Abby Gaudette has been living in NYC since 2001. In addition to design, Abby's passions are photography, classical music, cycling, and boxing. Abby works with development, graphic design, artistic administration, and admissions.

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Noah Willumsen
Noah Willumsen Assistant to the Director

Living in Berlin, Noah Willumsen is pursuing a Masters Degree in German Literature. Noah is involved with artistic administration and marketing.

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