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Contriving for the InterHarmony Festival 2018 /Si Lavora per il Festival InterHarmony 2018,

Acqui Terme. Also a “Wagnerian” concert (not in its substance, but in its form, with a recital lasting almost four hours, that concluded around 1:15am in the night!!!) is among the final meetings of the InterHarmony summer. To reconfirm a given date. That we consider it to be the first one of importance. It is that.

The musical season and the courses that Misha Quint brought to our city were able to dispense unprecedented enthusiasm and an energy that has never been seen. And it cannot be otherwise, in consideration of the musical youth, really devoted to music and interpretation, which has resounded in notes of so many timbres, during the day, the streets of the city (The Cathedral Plaza, Bollente Street, XX September Street, and many more), then meeting in the evening with concerts of glamorous quality. Acqui Terme becomes like Turin. The cultural tourismo that puts the old identities in the background (but that pushes further forward, from us, the spas returned to life…).

But we return to the four-hour experience of listening: that happened Wednesday July 26 in the Chiesa di Santo Spirito (another jewel for music).

For Acqui so much “first class absolute execution”: of “Fantasia di Lees (1924-2010) to the Amazonian Prelude No.2 of Pimenta (1957, a contemporary composer), both pieces for solo piano; and then – always among those who impressed us the most – The Quintet for Violin, Clarinet, French horn, Cello, and Piano, Op.42 by Fibich (1850-1900) and the Sextet, Op.37 (the same organic chamber music including the clarinet) by Dohnanyi (1877 – 1960). And another 22 (22!!) pages that, as well as presenting the more classical composers (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt) that called into question Ginastera and Kapustin, Chausson (with the Chanson perpetuelle), Britten and Ferrari….without counting, among the last tracks of the evening, the Violin Concerto, Op.35 by Tchaikovsky, with piano substituting for the orchestra.

Alternating singers and instrumentalists, soloists and chamber music ensembles; the curiosity of pieces never heard and the charm to enjoy them “live” as much as the musicians we always hear on CDs and on the radio. Inevitably, more than the usual and comprehensible, a progressive rarefication of the public, but in so much, until the very end, they wanted to stop. Very much subdued by the power of the art of sounds, of that musical discipline that some ministers, some pedagogues, will someday explain why it is of such importance to the scholastic curriculum of our country.

Now, for us, it is necessary to develop our “homework” in the light of 2018.

And as it seems, that of InterHarmony is a “goodbye until next year”, we wish and urge the Comune and Assessore Terzolo that, from now on, they work to coordinate the dates of the Festival with their events ((it is trivial to note that outdoor events "with watts" should not conflict with the recitals, there is always the problem of overlapping dates, which is always a present issue: even the evening of August 24 leaves no alternatives : or Fortunelli in the cathedral, or the mandolins in the cloister of St. Francis), in order to improve, in regards to different details (that they can seem marginal and are not) the musical framework. And, especially, to make sure that the festival is known outside of the city (in Asti, Alessandria, and Liguria…) the existence of a manifestation that those who love the classical reperatory cannot possibly miss.

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  • Acqui Terme. “From Russia, from Spain, from Canada and Taiwan, Brasil and Argentina, from Austria and the Czech Republic, Japan and New Zealand, Switzerland and Isreal, Belgium, and Holand and Germany, from South Korea and Great Britain, and of course from Italy”. For sure from the whole world gathers the young artists, the participants ofo InterHarmony International Music Festival 2017 in Acqui Terme, the city in which Misha Quint, the Music Diredctor and Founder, is very enthusiastic. “It is a ‘plentiful’ city, in which it is easy to move on a human scole – I trust – is es especially splendidly equipped for music” – Misha Quint (Without a doubt…we add).

    From July 6 – 16 a beautiful program: 9 concerts with professors and students Acqui Terme. With Sonata No.3 in A Major, Op.69 by Beethoven, with the Suite Italienne by Stravinsky, the Sonata in e minor, Arpeggione D821 by Schubert, and Pezzo capriccioso, Op.62 by Tchaikovsky. With these pieces (and a great pleasure to listen to them) will open on Thursday July 6, in the Basilica dell’Addolorata at 9:30pm, an opening concert (fabulous, which is underlined) of the InterHarmony International Music Festival, inaugurated by Bruno Canino on the piano and Misha Quint on the cello.

    Expected for Saturday, July 8, instead, in the major Concert Hall of Hotel La Meridiana, at 9:30pm, the first concert of young artists and prizewinners (those with surprising personality, of whom one can predict a radiant future), who frequent the lessons of master musicians in Acqui Terme.

    But to say you cannot resist another musical encounter on Sunday July 9 (always at 9:30pm, that is the time for all the concerts). The principal interpreters will be Shlomo Mintz, one of the greatest violinist at an international level, that the aforementioned Canino and Quint, will present another recital in the Chiesa della Pellegrina for Acqui Terme of absolute exception. They will offer the listeners the Trio elegiaque by Rachmaninoff, Kodaly’s Duo for Violin and Cello, and Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio, Op.50.

    These are the concerts to follow…

    Tuesday July 11 in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio della Pisterna, always in the evening, a Pianistic Marathon.
    In Mombaruzzo, in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate, on Tuesday July 11, in the evening, a concert by the professors Geoffrey Burleson (piano), Marylene Gingras-Roy (viola), Delana Thomsen (piano), Michelle Stanley (flute), and Misha Quint (cello) (music by Liszt with the Petrarca Sonata, Saint-Saens, Schumann, Granados from the opera Goyescas, Piazzolla, and Pablo Casals).
    Wednesday July 12, in the Santuario della Madonna Pellegrina at 9:30pm – Young Prize-winning Artists in Concert.
    Thursday, July 13 in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio della Pisterna, at 9:30pm – International Artists Concert: Robert Satterlee (piano), Brenda Witmer (soprano), Roderigo Robles de Medina and Marina Samson Primachenko (piano), Holly Lifshey ( trumpet), Shi-Hwa Wang (violin) Yu-Jane Yang and Martha Thomas (piano), Marylene Gingras-Roy (viola), and Catherine Kautsky (piano),Debora Harris (flute), Geoffrey Burleson (piano). (Works by Loewe, Fauré, Tartini, Grieg, Granados, Chopin, and Schumann).
    Friday, July 14, in the Santuario della Madonna Pellegrina, at 9:30pm – International Artists Concert: Vedrana Subotic (piano), Sarah Stoneback (trumpet), Maria Samson Primachenko (piano), Teresa de Jong Pombo (piano) Michelle Stanley (flute), Delana Thomsen (piano), Beatrice Long (piano), Alan Weinstein (cello), Roderigo Robles de Medina, William Westney, Chrisina Long (piano). (Works by Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Albeniz, Enescu, Chopin, Tartini, Saint-Saens).
    Sunday, July 16, Basilica dell’Addolorata, at 6:30pm, InterHarmony Festival Orchestra Concert with soloist Misha Quint (cello), under the baton of Dorian Keilhack, - Variations on a Rococo Theme by Tchakovsky – the Overture from Don Giovanni by Mozart, and the 5th Symphony by Beethoven. With the return of the orchestra on July 29 with soloists Vadim Repin (violin) and Misha Quint (cello).

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  • Alfred Brendel performing

    Acqui Terme. After Blonay in Switzerland, Soesterberg in Holland, Geneva, Sulzbach-Rosenberg (and they are in Germany), and also after The Berkshires, Massachusetts and San Francisco (in the United States), and after the 2012-2016 festival in the Italy, the InterHarmony International Music Festival is staged – beginning on July 6 – and for the whole month, in our city. With so many of the most interesting possible concerts (never has so much music been in Acqui in so few days, with absolute quality: for those who go back in time to the recital of José Carreras in the open theater in the Piazza of Concillation at the beginning of 2006), and two evenings of decentralization that develop in Mombaruzzo (in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate on July 11 and 25).

    The formula is composed of an artistic program of diverse concerts with world-famous soloists (and the first will begin with that of the violinist Shlomo Mintz together with pianist Bruno Canino, and Alfred Brendel; the last – brought forth – in the Concert Hall of Hotel La Meridiana on July 21) and with so many chamber music specialists. With musical evenings and afternoons that combine with a schedule of intensive specialized study, aimed at young musicians, that receive hours of instruction in this perfect course, with concrete didactic help, that sets the stage for their road in the world of professional classical music. There will be 250 students (who come with another hundred participants), and 70 professors and performers. And they are from 20 countries of the world. The most for which is an initiative that will involve the whole city, beginning with the schools, particularly the Comprensivo Uno, ready to assume the aspect of a true conservatory. There will be so many occasions to applaud the great masters and students – already now much more than promised – in different locations of the city.

    Four Concerts not to Miss

    In the Guest Artist Series there will be the Israeli virtuoso Shlomo Mintz who on Sunday July 9 will unite with Bruno Canino (the celebrated pianist, busy in the following days also with teaching) and Misha Quint (cello) for a concert of chamber music with very exceptional artistic depth – the program to follow.
    Santuario della Pellegrina, 9:30pm The program consists of the Trio elegiaque by Rachminoff, the epic Duo for Violin and Cello by Kodaly, and the Piano Trio, Op.50 by Tchaikovsky.

    But no less interesting will be the opening of the venture on Thursday July 6 in the Basilica dell’Addolorata: when Bruno Canino will play with Misha Quint for a highly anticipated opening concert: in their program is Sonata No.3, Op.69 by Beethoven, the Suite Italienne by Stravinsky, the Sonata in e minor, Arpeggione D821 by Schubert and Pezzo caprizzioso, Op.62 by Tchaikovsky. Finally, at the end of the first session (because the second session marks the last two weeks of July: and then with new concerts), Sunday July 16 at the Chiesa di Santo Spirito, where the public scene will find the InterHarmony Festival Orchestra with soloist Misha Quint (cello) under the baton of Dorian Keillhack – with Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations – the Overture of Don Giovanni by Mozart and the 5th Symphony by Beethoven. The orchestra will return on July 29 with violin soloist Vadim Repin.

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  • Misha Quint InterHarmony in Acqui Terme

    InterHarmony International Music Festival will be in Acqui Terme for the first time, with summer classical music concerts that for five years they carried in Italy, and students and professors from around the world will arrive. Now the organizer and Music Director Misha Quint, the famous cellist originally from Russia, has decided to have the festival in Piemonte, “I was attracted to Acqui Terme” he said, “because of its rich history, its location, and its cultural vitality.” Graduate of the Special School for the Gifted in Saint Petersburg, and then Saint Petersburg Conservatory, Misha Quint had his orchestra debut when he was 13 years old and was awarded the gold medel in the Global Music Awards in 2016 per his new album, “Matroshka Blues” in three categories: instrumentalist, album, and new release.

    The first session of InterHarmony will be held in Acqui Terme: the first session from July 5 – 17 and the second from July 18-30. The same Quint will perform in the opening concert on July 6 at 9:30pm in the Basilica dell’Addolorata together with Bruno Canino, the great Italian pianist.

    The scene will change on July 8 with young artists in the La Meridiana Concert Hall while an evening of international artists will follow on July 9. In the Chiesa della Madonna Pellegrina Quint and Canino will unite with the Israeli violinist Shlomo Mintz, considered to be one of the best of our time.

    Further concerts on July 11 will be in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio (a Pianistic Marathon) and in transference to Mombaruzzo (in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate). Then another three exhibitions of young artists on July 12 and 14 in the Chiesa della Madonna Pellegrina, and July 13 in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio.

    The grand finale is July 16 at 6:30pm with the InterHarmony Festival Orchestra, under the baton of the German conductor, Dorian Keilhack, featuring soloist Misha Quint (cello). The entrance is always a suggested donation.

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  • Orchestra Music Festival

    “New world”, the key word of this musical summer aquese, which has never artistically attained these magnificent levels: here from America that inspired Dvorak in his Symphony No.9, that was performed with such success on July 29 in the Chiesa dell’Addolorata; where many professors and students gathered in Acqui Terme by Music Director Misha Quint, who we can really consider an honorary citizen…and the result? Music that that has changed our city as a sign of beauty.

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  • trombone students

    Acqui Terme. After a stimulating program, imminently arrives the final concerts of InterHarmony (always with tickets with a suggested donation). In fact it is a diptych that on Thursday, July 27, in the comfortable setting of the Chiesa di Santo Spirito, at 9:30pm, will present a concert “of masters”, who are soloists and chamber musicians.

    Saturday, July 29, at the Chiesa dell’Addolorata (and not the Congress Center, as was previously announced: the location has changed), at 9:30pm, the grand finale of the InterHarmony Festival Orchestra (comprised of more than 60 parts), with soloists Vadim Repin (violin) and Misha Quint (cello).

    The program consists of Giuseppe Verdi’s Overture from La forza del destino, followed by Brahms’ Double Concerto, Op.102 (his final symphonic composition, rich, elegant, and contemplative, with rarified, dreamlike section…). It will be sealed at the conclusion with Symphony No.9 in e minor, From the New World, Op.95 by Antonin Dvorak. Both are forty minutes each. It will be a salutation with grand style.

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