Episode II
InterHarmony Artist Interview Series
 Livestreamed March 18 on Facebook and YouTube
Music as Another World
Classical Music Making Waves
William Westney (piano) and Misha Quint
(cello), Episode II

InterHarmony continues Classical Music Making Waves with Episode II of the InterHarmony Artist Interview Series. Join pianist William Westney and Cellist Misha Quint as they give insight on practice, teaching, and performing for aspiring musicians. Topics will include Music as Another World, the of discovering new ideas, and some of Dr. Westney's piano playing at InterHarmony Online. Join us on March 18 at 7pm EST. Just go to our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel and wait until the Livestream appears.

Episode I
InterHarmony Artist Interview Series
 Optimism in Triumphant Beethoven
Classical Music Making Waves
Gerardo Teissonniere (piano) and Misha Quint
(cello), Episode I

Music Director and Cellist Misha Quint is joined by pianist Gerardo Teissonniere as they discuss their experience with the secrets of playing Beethoven, Saint-Saens, and Shostakovich. They discuss exciting new innovations in online teaching, technology, and musical practice during the past year, and of course InterHarmony International Music Festival Online. Watch until the end and make sure you have selected HD! Click on the Magnifying Glass to Watch the Video or click HERE.