• Antonio Pisano Italian professor

    Antonio Pisano, Italian Professor

    Antonio Pisano is a native Italian speaker from Sardegna. He has a degree in Italian language and literature and a master's degree in Liberal Arts. An experienced Italian teacher with ten years' experience in Italy, Pisano has taught in America since 2008. He is passionate about his work and stays updated by traveling to Italy every year. Pisano is the founder of the "Parlo Italiano Language School" and has lived in the USA since 2007 with his Italian wife and daughter. He is an adjunct Italian professor at Seton Hall University, NJ, is the Director of Italian Content and Teacher at Thelanguagegarage.com, teacher at Learn Language Hoboken, NJ and ABC Language, NY. Pisano has excellent credentials in computer science and is a web specialist. In addition to English, Pisano speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French and is a great communicator. Pisano has professional experience in tourism and in organizing cultural events (concerts, museums, and exhibitions) as well as projects management. Pisano's several hobbies include: cooking, music, reading, cinema and sports. www.parloitaliano.info