• Ana Popa piano

    Dr. Ana Sorina Popa, piano

    Since her public debut at eight, Dr. Ana Sorina Popa has performed on both the North American and European continents as a recitalist, chamber music collaborator and orchestra soloist. Her appearances in such distinguished halls as Jordan Hall in Boston, USA, Romanian Academy in Rome, Italy or the Dalles and Atheneum Halls in Bucharest, Romania have garnered wide spread audience accolades. Ms. Popa’s first live recording for the Romanian National Radio at 16 was followed by several appearances on the Romanian National Television Stations as well as local TV stations in Massachusetts.

    A prize winner of several international piano competitions and in high demand as performer and pedagogue, Dr. Popa maintains a very heavy schedule. She shares her teaching time between Stonehill College and The Rivers School Conservatory, where she is also the Chair of the Theory Department while maintaining a continuous presence on the concert stage.

    She is a founding member of the Trio con Anima whose mission is to foster intercultural exchanges between various peoples with the hope that a greater understanding of our common cultural heritage will foster and inspire a better, deeper understanding of oneself and the other. The trio is particularly active in promoting new music and the work of women composers. It will be going on an Austrian tour in June 2018.

    In an effort to bring classical music to wider audiences and connect young musicians with each other and the public she established and was for over ten years, the Artistic Director of the Sunday at Three Concert Series in Dorchester, MA. The series provided free concerts to Dorchester residents in the relaxed and welcoming space generously provided by the First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, bridging thus the gap between the underserved community and enthusiastic musicians.

    Dr. Popa has presented lectures on piano literature and technique as well as interdisciplinary subjects that affect performance. She specializes in mind-body disciplines (certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor), body mechanics and how philosophical beliefs influence musical performance. Her workshops focus on the practical aspects of performance and aim at equipping attendees with useful tools for development.

    Her thesis, ‘You Become What You Practice: Applications of Tai Chi Principles to Piano Playing’ explores the interface between Eastern philosophy, body mechanics, mental attitudes and breathing patterns found in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and the Western approach to piano playing. Through a thorough process of integration, the application of the principles learned in the context of Tai Chi leads to an optimization of expression in piano playing and a clear path to rehabilitation from injury.

    She resides in Boston, MA.