• Adam Trussell, basoon

    Jonathan Haas, percussion

    Originally from Portland, Maine, Adam Trussell is now in the Houston Symphony. He enjoys a busy schedule traveling and playing with many different orchestras throughout the year and teaching students of all abilities. Adam also plays Principal Bassoon with the Oregon Ballet Theater.

    After finishing school at New England Conservatory for his undergraduate degree and then Rice for his master’s degree, Adam moved to Omaha, NE to play full time with the Omaha Symphony and ultimately teach at University of Nebraska at Omaha. While in Omaha Adam also played with his chamber group, the Orion Trio, and established a large teaching studio. In 2011 Adam won a position playing with the Oregon Symphony. He joined the faculties of University of Portland and Lewis and Clark College shortly after. In 2018 he won his position as contrabassoonist with the Houston Symphony. Adam has also had the pleasure of playing with many great orchestras including the Saint Louis Symphony, the Seattle Symphony, the Seattle Opera, the Kansas City Symphony, etc.

    In the summers Adam plays with the Colorado Music Festival in Boulder, Colorado. He also teaches at a camp for adults in August called Midsummer Musical Retreat. He’s also played at festivals such as the Bellingham Music Festival, the Breckenridge Music Festival, AIMS in Graz, Austria, Cabrillo Music Festival, and the Britt Music Festival to name a few.

    He has maintained teaching throughout his career which he enjoys very much. He has been teaching via online platforms since 2011 when moving to Oregon and finds that it works quite well. Adam has a website called portlandbassooncompany.com and is a Fox Products dealer selling bassoons and oboes.