• Sam Desmet, guitar

    Sam Desmet, guitar

    Dr. Sam Desmet started earning a reputation in the late 2000s for interpreting under-explored music of the last 200 years. Desmet enjoys performing and recording a mix of works from well established composers with repertoire of upcoming talent and concertized in several countries of Asia, Europe, and throughout the US.

    Desmet often branches out by collaborating with different artists and art forms such as dance, painting, architecture, animation, film, and poetry. Meanwhile, he enjoys performing chamber music with artists such as Nora Lee Garcia (Kithaulos Duo) and Federico Bonacossa.

    Having begun his music education in a small town where he grew up as a teenager, his real connection with classical music began at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent (Belgium, Europe) under the guidance of his mentor Yves Storms. After working with composers such as Leo Brouwer, Angelo Gilardino, and Simone Iannarelli, Desmet decided to record a series of their studies for the guitar on his well-received first recording Study < > Study (2009).

    A year later Desmet moved to the US to pursue a Doctorate in Music Performance with world renown pedagogue Bruce Holzman at the Florida State University, while continuing to explore the classical repertoire. Since 2022, he started to release an ongoing set of solo single recordings ranging from film music to folk song arrangements and is available on all streaming platforms.

    He assisted, reviewed, and proofread Concerto pour Guitare et Petit Orchestre opus 155 by Belgian composer Jean Absil which was published in 2009 under Italian label Berben upon request of musicologist Angelo Gilardino. Together with Dr. Gonzalo Gallardo, Desmet translated and published Solfėges and Vocalises Op. 195 by Ferdinando Carulli based on manuscripts of 1822-6. It may still be the only tutor intended for guitarists to read, sing, and play two lines of music simultaneously. The edition is published in 2012 by the Canadian label Production d’Oz.