• Alexander Boldachev, harp

    Alexander Boldachev, harp

    Alexander Boldachev is a Swiss-Russian artist pushing the boundaries of how people identify the harp in the 21st century. Alexander creates unique adventures in his concerts with his innovative approach and refusal to conform to stereotypes. He has become a modern harp and music ambassador, focusing on including all generations of the public.

    Alexander won more than 20 different competitions and prizes for performing and composing, including Kleiner Prix Walo (CH), Aoyama Prize (JP), Akademia Award (USA), ProEuropa (EU)

    As a classically educated harpist (professor – Catherine Michel), composer, and conductor, Alexander has mastered various musical genres, including classical, crossover, rock covers, and neoclassical vibes. He has performed at some of the world's most prestigious venues, such as the Bolshoi Theatre, Carnegie Hall, and Theatre Colon, as well as the Burning Man, FIFA World Cup Opening, and late-night shows with experimental programs.

    Alexander's creativity extends beyond his live performances, as he is a prolific composer with a unique style that blends tradition with innovation. He has created original works and improvisations that showcase his passion for the harp and music, including film and theatre scores, works with orchestra, e-music, and hundreds of arrangements and covers. Many works and covers are already recorded and can be found on streaming services.

    Aside from his busy performing schedule, Alexander is passionate about sharing his knowledge and training methods with aspiring musicians worldwide. He was invited to work with the students at top institutions like Juilliard, Liszt, and Royal Academies of Music, Conservatories of Milano, Toronto, Beijing, Moscow, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. He is a member of the Jury of the International Harp Contest in Israel, as well as Artist-in- Residence at UCLA.

    With an open mind to collaborations and a readiness to work with diverse instruments, singers, and choreographers, Alexander continues to do innovative cultural research. His creativity also extends to organizing projects such as the Harp Festival Zürich and World Harp Day, which celebrate the beauty and diversity of his instrument.

    In addition to his artistry, Alexander is also known for his humanitarian work. He has taken a clear anti-war position and founded a society in Zürich called LYUDẎ: Cultural Solidarity to help refugees and arrange charity actions in Switzerland and worldwide.